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Sewer Cleaning
Sewer cleaning is one of the most important responsibilities of municipal corporations, as it assures health and wellbeing of surrounding communities.  This demands highly reliable cutting edge technology for the efficient maintenance of sewer network. Liquid waste handling vehicles by Aryan are highly efficient for various cleaning applications for sewer network, storm water drains, manholes, canals etc.,  

Be it Liquid Waste Handling or Sewer Cleaning, products in this segment are designed and manufactured keeping in mind end-user experience. Efficient and effective design and engineering makes machine operation simple, cost efficient and safe to operate for the end-user.
Fire Fighting.jpg
Fire Fighting
Firefighting operations are becoming more complex due to fast urbanization and industrial growth. Aryan is pioneer in providing special Fire Tenders assuring the safety and wellbeing of communities with highly dependable technology saving precious human lives.

Aryan fire tender is simple to operate, yet it is highly effective in handling challenging firefighting situations. These fire tenders are capable of addressing firefighting and rescue operations at high rise buildings in modern cities across residential, commercial and industrial area. These fire tenders are in high demand from fire departments, disaster management units, municipal corporations and fire & rescue training institutes.   
Fire & Rescue
Providing quick and first response to any emergency is vital in fire and rescue operation. Aryan QRV (Quick Response Vehicle) has become first choice to respond the whole range of disaster calls such as fire, flood, landslide, building collapse, road accidents or any other natural or man-made disasters.

This vehicle with combined rescue and firefighting capabilities can be deployed in multiple climatic conditions and difficult situations across cities, expressways, villages, coastal areas, hill stations This next generation rescue system ensures the safety of firefighters and also provide them much needed communication support with their backend teams.
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